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Calculate the SHA1 hash of a file or text online.

Calculates the SHA1 hash of a given file or text. SHA1 hashes, or Secure Hash Algorithm 1 digests, allow you to make sure that a file was transported in whole from one medium to the other. For example, if you download a file from a web site, and the web site said the SHA1 sum of the file must be X, you can download the file to your computer, upload it here, and compare the SHA1 you get here to X. If they are the same, you have downloaded the file correctly. If not, you may need to download it again. While SHA1 is useful to check the integrity of downloaded file, for instance, it is less useful if someone intentionally tried to provide you with a malicious file bearing the same SHA1 digest. That's because SHA1 cannot, in some cases, guarantee that two different files will not have a similar SHA1 hash. For such purposes, use SHA256 or some other, more secure hashing algorithm.

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