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PrivateDaddy is the unobtrusive, graceful degradation solution for protecting email addresses

By adding a single line of code to your website’s HEAD section, PrivateDaddy protects all your e-mail addresses from spambots.

PrivateDaddy is a “set it and forget it” email cloaking solution – allowing you to cloak e-mail addresses automatically, without manually protecting each address. By automatically detecting “mailto” addresses when the page is generated, PrivateDaddy shields your e-mail addresses transparently, getting out of your way to deal with the stuff that really matters.

  • Automatically cloak e-mail addresses with a single line of PHP code
  • Your human visitors see your real e-mail addresses, without using quirky feedback forms or solving CAPTCHAs
  • Copy and paste functionality stays in tact for human visitors – but not for spambots!
  • Your website stays professional – only visitors who have JavaScript disabled have to solve a CAPTCHA
  • Graceful degradation allows the majority of your visitors to enjoy an optimal experience, without breaking the functionality of your website for others.
  • Your e-mail addresses stay with you – your addresses are never stored on PrivateDaddy’s server
  • FREE! PrivateDaddy is completely free and open-source – you may use it for personal, commercial or government projects.
  • NEW! PrivateDaddy is now available as a plug-in for the WordPress content management system.

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All modern browsers are supported


  • Tested with Internet Explorer 6.0 and above
  • Tested with Firefox 2.0 and above
  • Tested with Opera, Chrome and Safari

Get Private Daddy!
See Private Daddy in Action!

Obfuscating your emails made easy with the free PrivateDaddy open-source obfuscator!

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