PrivateDaddy is the unobtrusive, graceful degradation solution for protecting email addresses


      Quick tip: For WordPress integration, use the WordPress plugin instead.

1. Download privatedaddy.php and place it in your website’s source directory.

2. Add a single line of code to the HEAD section of your web page:

<?php require_once('privatedaddy.php'); ?>

3. That’s it – you’re done! All your e-mail addresses will now be protected, whether your visitor has JavaScript enabled or not!


Code Example

Looks too easy? That’s because it is. Protecting your e-mail address from spammers should not get in the way of your real work.

<title>Title of my web page</title>
<?php require_once('privatedaddy.php'); ?>


Instructions for WordPress users

We just rolled out our new plug-in for WordPress. Click here for details.

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