PrivateDaddy is the unobtrusive, graceful degradation solution for protecting email addresses

What sets PrivateDaddy apart from other anti-spam solutions?

PrivateDaddy is unobtrusive. The philosophy behind PrivateDaddy is that your content should not change just because spambots are crawling the web. PrivateDaddy also degrades gracefully, rendering in a satisfactory way even for clients that do not support JavaScript. It does so without sacrificing your privacy – your e-mail addresses are not stored on any remote server. And best of all – unlike similar tools that only work with certain frameworks or content management systems, PrivateDaddy works with any PHP project you throw at it.

Where is PrivateDaddy development discussed?

PrivateDaddy is an open-source project, and as such, all development discussion is open to public participation. You can contact us here.

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